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Posted: October 13, 2021

Clean and inspect wood stoves and chimneys

Residents using woodstoves, fireplaces, or furnaces to heat their homes through the colder months are encouraged to clean and inspect their chimneys prior to their first fire.

Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services asks that those with woodstoves to check their chimneys for creosote buildup and any damage prior to use in the fall and throughout the burning season.

“It’s important for those with wood stoves to burn dry seasoned wood and to clean their chimneys regularly. Creosote build-up can cause chimney fires which damages chimneys and allows smoke, carbon monoxide and fire to extend beyond the chimney and into the living spaces of your home,” said Murray Robertson, Fire Prevention Officer with Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services.

If you see a chimney fire, please call 911. After a chimney fire you must have your chimney inspected by a qualified service person prior to its use.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Cranbrook Fire and Emergency Services at 250-426- 2325.

Cranbrook Fire and Emergency Services

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