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Posted: November 10, 2014

Clear choice for mayor 2014 to 2018

Letter to the Editor

My thanks to John York and Lee Pratt for running for mayor – democracy is best served by having choices. Your choice is now very clear.

Together over the last three years we have moved Cranbrook forward in all aspects: the economy, roads and other infrastructure, recreation, arts and culture, youth and seniors, the environment, improvements for people with disabilities and for those living in poverty, and for those needing a family doctor.

What we are seeing in this campaign is a coordinated push from a group who would prefer to have only a few select voices heard at City Hall. Mr. Pratt’s vision, according to his flyer, is limited to the economy, spending and potholes. The health of our city is so much more than that narrow view. It does not serve our diverse population well, including our business owners!

Contrary to some of the myths coming from mayoral candidates the reality is:

– The city’s finances are in good shape. We finished 2013 with a $1,680,000 surplus and $13,872,276 in Reserve Funds.

– There will not be a 25% increase in taxes. Former Mayor Scott Manjak’s 2010 Financial Plan predicted an 18.99% tax increase for 2012 through 2014, the term of this council. We approved taxes totaling 12.65%, and the first three per cent went directly to road improvements and the next 2.25% to replacing aging equipment and infrastructure.

– During the annual budget meetings every expenditure is debated by council and every dollar benefits our community. These meetings are all open to the public. Mr. York and Mr. Pratt have never been to a budget meeting.

– Building permits, real estate sales, business licenses and airport usage are all on the upswing! Our economy is moving in a positive direction.

Your choice is very clear – choose an unproven candidate and go backwards to the old way of managing Cranbrook or embrace a progressive future where all of your interests and all aspects of our city matter.

Let’s continue to move our great city forward together. On November 12 at the Senior’s Centre or November 15 at Laurie Middle School, Re-Elect Wayne Stetski for Mayor.

Mayor Wayne Stetski,

City of Cranbrook

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