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Posted: August 9, 2017

College welcomes return of tuition-free programs

Adult Upgrading and English Language programs at College of the Rockies will once again be tuition free. The decision, announced by the BC government on August 8, will be in effect for September classes.

“This is good news for our students,” said Doris Silva, College Director of Student Affairs. “Whether individuals are looking to complete their high school credential or to earn the necessary prerequisites to enter into other programs like health care, business, university studies or trades, removing financial barriers makes it easier for students to access this vital level of education.”

“Also, for those who are new to Canada and who are already struggling with adapting to a new culture, a new climate and a new language, the financial costs of enrolling in English Language training may be too big of a challenge,” Silva added. “Eliminating the tuition makes basic education more accessible for everyone.”

Students who have already paid for their Adult Upgrading or English Language courses at the college for September will have their tuition fees refunded to them. Silva notes that while tuition has been eliminated for these programs, student fees still apply.

For more information about Adult Upgrading or English Language training at College of the Rockies, contact Student Services at: [email protected] or 250-489-2751 ext. 3243, or contact your local campus.

Above photo: College of the Rockies Director of Student Affairs, Doris Silva, says removing tuition from two key programs will benefit students.


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