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Posted: June 27, 2019

Combined effort will bring best outcome for all

Letter to the Editor

The Kootenay East Youth Soccer Association (KEYSA) is extremely pleased with the discussion and outcome of the June 24 City of Cranbrook council meeting.

Councillors took the discussion to a much-needed perspective of looking at the indoor facility/BMX/Curling/Western Financial Place as one complete “Balment sports area” project. We are pleased to have had the (licence of occupation) accepted by council as it allows for us to complete our construction in 2019.

We are equally pleased to see council accept our $10,000 cash/in-kind contribution and commit to the remaining costs required to rebuild the BMX track within Balment Park.

The combined effort of KEYSA and the BMX Society working closely has brought the best outcome for all who use the existing facility and the new facility. KEYSA will now look to the Cranbrook BMX association for guidance on how the $10,000 contribution can be made most valuable. KEYSA is excited to be able to move this project forward while still meeting tight deadlines for the grant funding. KEYSA will continue to work closely with user groups, the BMX society and other organizations to be able to offer new opportunities within Balment and continue in a spirit of cooperation and community interest.

The indoor sports facility has been a project underway for several years and has been delayed due to site locations and logistics. The facility is being constructed by KEYSA through a combination of donations, fundraising and grants, and will have no cost to the city taxpayer, but a substantial benefit to the youth, seniors and other active community members who seek better winter-time opportunities for indoor sports. The indoor facility will not just allow for sports during inclement and seasonal weather, but allows all citizens to use the facility through membership for walking, jogging, sports use, trade shows, concerns, conventions and a multitude of other uses.

Cranbrook BMX is grateful to Cranbrook city council for clarifying and assuming the financial responsibilities required to rebuild the Cranbrook BMX track. The next step will be to work with KEYSA and the city to develop a construction sequence that will see both projects constructed in fall 2019. This collaboration will be the most efficient way to complete both projects in a timely manner.

Laura Niehaus,
On behalf of Cranbrook BMX

Mike Robinson,
On behalf of KEYSA

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