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Posted: September 18, 2021

Con majority needed to make Canada great country it was

Letter to the Editor

I am proud of our country, but I am concerned.

Under Justin Trudeau we have witnessed a loss of freedom, including an erosion of religious freedom.

Wayne Stetski voted with Justin Trudeau, against religious freedom, during his time in office and we know that his party will continue to prop up Justin Trudeau’s corruption. Is that the type of representation we want?

To those considering a vote for the PPC, understand this; a vote cast for anything other than Rob Morrison in this riding will only serve to strengthen the chance of socialist representation. You stand for freedom, so vote for freedom.

During a very difficult time Rob Morrison stood up and called on the province to find a safe way to re-open churches. This was a common sense approach that was the right thing to do and he lead on it.

We need leadership like this so that we can work to undo all of the ridiculous actions by the Liberals and get Canada back on track. Our country needs a change and on September 20 we will have our say. If you stand for freedom and want change there is only one choice – Rob Morrison and Canada’s Conservatives.

The NDP and the PPC will never gain enough seats to make a difference.

We need a majority Conservative government to make Canada the great country it once was. Vote for Rob Morrison, Conservative candidate.

Lee Pratt,


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