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Posted: January 26, 2022

Convoy Support Rally planned for Saturday

Some Cranbrook and area residents are planning a Freedom Convoy Support Rally on Saturday, January 29, beginning at noon near Cranbrook City Hall.

There will also be a rally by the highway at Cranbrook Street North and Victoria Avenue at 1 p.m.

“This rally isn’t just about supporting the truckers, this is about supporting all the people and businesses who have lost their livelihood in every sector across the country over these unjustified mandates. This is about sending a clear message that we the people want an end to these ridiculous mandates and taking our freedoms and rights back as Canadian citizens,” said rally co-organizer Amie Lubbers.

“The division and segregation of the people is appalling. Something I never would have imagined we would see in our lifetime. We all need to come together to take a united stand for this to come to an end and show we are not taking it anymore.

“With the upcoming rally it’s our actions that are critical. Calm, kind and for the love of the community. We must remain peaceful and respectful in order for our message to truly be heard. Solidarity and empathy are everything for small communities like ours in the Kootenays. It gives us heart and soul,” she said.

“This is history in the making.”

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