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Posted: April 9, 2020

COTR students earn six awards at national competition

Earlier this semester, College of the Rockies’ Business students returned from the Western Canadian Business Competition, with five of the top six awards and one second-place finish.

The college’s senior team, consisting of Bachelor of Business Administration students Justin Roberts, Kurtis Lutzke, Gurpreet Kaur and Lakshana Ramdhonee won two of the three highest awards: Top Team Senior Division and Top Simulation Score.

The junior team, made up of Business Management diploma students Rebecca Barron, Quinlan Mackay, Sydney Marlow, and Emily Newel earned three of the top awards: Top Team Junior Division, Top Simulation Score, Top Strategic Plan. Team member Rebecca Barron also earned a second-place individual award.

“This was another outstanding performance by both of our teams,” said Business instructor and team coach Butch Butalid. “Our teams worked hard leading up to the competition and I’m pleased to see that hard work rewarded. We’re all very proud of their accomplishments.”

The Western Canadian Business Competition is a comprehensive undergraduate business competition where students consolidate their knowledge and skills in teams to develop strategic solutions in a simulated business scenario.

Teams from across western Canada took part in the competition and were tasked with operating a simulated business that produces digital cameras and drones. Competitors were required to create a business plan that covered eight years of decision-making with the assumption that the company operates in four different geographical areas: North America, Europe-Africa, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.

“The teams from the Business Management program at College of the Rockies consistently do very well at this annual competition,” said Darrell Bethune, Dean, Business and University Arts and Science. “We love it when students in our diploma and degree streams get to show what they can do. We congratulate both our junior and senior teams on the success.”

Learn more about business programs at College of the Rockies at: cotr.ca/programs (search business)

Lead image:  College of the Rockies Business students celebrate their wins with their instructor and coach at the Western Canadian Business Competition. Pictured (l-r): Justin Roberts, Kurtis Lutzke, Rebecca Barron, Gurpreet Kaur, Sydney Marlow, Butch Butalid, Lakshana Ramdhonee, Emily Newel, Quinlan Mackay). College of the Rockies photo

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