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Posted: April 6, 2021

Council amends Downtown Seasonal Patio Bylaw

Measure to support local restaurants to expand outdoor patio spaces

City of Cranbrook council has officially enacted measures to support local food and beverage establishments to expand outdoor patio spaces in Cranbrook until October 31.

At a special meeting Tuesday, April 6, council adopted amendments to the Downtown Seasonal Patio Bylaw to allow for enhanced use of seasonal patios during disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting provincial health orders.

Mayor Lee Pratt

This is an emergency expansion of Cranbrook’s existing outdoor patio program initiated by the City of Cranbrook in response to the provincial order put into effect at midnight on Tuesday March 30, which limited restaurant services to take out or delivery only unless the business has an outdoor patio where patrons can be safely physically distanced from others.

“We recognize the importance of having successful businesses in our community. I am pleased that staff, with the unanimous support of council, have developed this additional support to help local restaurants through the trying times and restrictions they are forced to deal with because of COVID-19,” said Mayor Lee Pratt. “I strongly encourage everyone to get out and support all of our local businesses as we navigate through this pandemic.”

This program is for expansion of outside patio space for existing food and beverage businesses into public lands and parking spaces in the downtown and conversion of private parking lots,

To further streamline the process, there are no fees for applications or for using public land. Security deposits are still required if using public land.

For restaurants that have their own private parking lots that they wish to convert into patio seating, the city can suspend requirements for the number of private parking spaces needed during this temporary program.

Those businesses still need to apply to the city for any building permit required items proposed including decks, rails, tents, etc. and provide a basic patio layout plan to ensure there are no issues with the ability of Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services to access the building and water supply in case of fire.

The city has also committed to providing enhanced street sweeping service through the summer to reduce dust around locations with outdoor patio space.

The city is also looking at temporary speed limit reductions along Baker Street and perhaps other streets where patios are present to 30 km/hour to improve public safety through October 31.

All necessary information and application forms for the outdoor patio program can be found on the city website at www.cranbrook.ca/patios.

Every effort will be taken by staff to expedite all applications made to the city as quickly as possible.

Staff will be available to answer questions and help guide applicants through the process.

Lead image: An outdoor patio that was once located in front of Soulfood Restaurant on Baker Street. e-KNOW file photo

City of Cranbrook

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