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Posted: June 9, 2021

Council approves $550k repair for ongoing problem

City of Cranbrook council May 31 approved the more expensive option presented to solve an ongoing problem with water leaking at the Wildstone subdivision entrance.

Public Works has been battling a leak at the PRV #8 (Wildstone entrance) location that was discovered in early November 2020, due to a large amount of water boiling up through the floor the building.

The building and pressure reducing valve (PRV) components were built in 2004 as part of the north hill trunk main project; the leaking pipeline feeds the Wildstone and Rivers Crossing areas.

The building and PRV components are close to 50% of their expected life span and have a high consequence of failure. If full failure of the building were to occur, the entire Wildstone and Rivers Crossing development areas could be without water for weeks. Full failure would also cause major damage to the Wildstone golf course, a city Public Works report to council outlined.

Council approved the Option 2 repair recommendation made by staff for the failing pipe at PVR#8, from the McElhanney Report dated May 13, and authorized spending to a maximum value of $550,000 to complete the work. The work is to be funded from the city’s Water Capital Reserve.

The first option would cost about $350,000.

Read the Public Works report to council.

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