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Posted: October 28, 2020

Council approves high density project

City of Cranbrook council Oct. 26 approved amendments to both OCP and zoning bylaws, allowing for the redevelopment of a property, located at 2220-2nd Street South, into a higher density housing development.

The city received an application from Meiklejohn Architects Inc., on behalf the Aqanttanam Housing Society, requesting the amendments to change the land use designation from ‘Medium Density Residential’ to ‘High Density Residential’ and change the zoning designation from ‘Low Density Multiple Family Residential Zone: R-4’ to ‘High Density Multiple Family Residential Zone: R-6.’

The Aqanttanam Housing Society indicated to the city it has managed the existing two storey, 18 townhouse unit, three building, housing development, since 2008. The society has determined the buildings, which were built in 1973, are in poor operating condition and require costly repairs and upgrades for plumbing and electrical, a city staff report outlined.

After assessing its options, the society proposed to redevelop the parcel for greater density housing.

The city’s Advisory Planning Commission (APC) considered the referred amendments and recommend council approve the bylaw amendments.

The society intends to apply for a Development Permit and associated Development Variance for parking requirements for a new four story, housing development with approximately 40, rent geared to income, affordable, dwelling units, the city noted.


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