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Posted: September 9, 2018

Council candidate takes people first approach

City of Cranbrook council candidate Curt Rasmussen says he would practice a “people first” approach to civic service should he be elected in the Oct. 20 municipal election.

A city business owner who focuses on leadership training, speaking and coaching (Phoenix Institute of Coaching), Rasmussen explained: “by people first I am referring to the tried, tested and true principle that if a governing body of an organization (and in this case the organization is the city) will always look at the people, the individual, the family first, then all decisions must pass through the filter of “what benefit/detriment will this have on the people, individuals, and families concerned?

“People matter; it is people who have been and always will be at the forefront of every major change, movement, advancement, and improvement in history. There is no ‘us or them,’ there is only us. Different ideas, different views, different opinions, talents, skills, experiences, etc., is what makes a community vibrant and great,” stated the former law enforcement officer.

Rasmussen outlines on a campaign Facebook page he is the father of “four wonderful and highly energetic young children. I have been happily married to their superhero of a mom for the past 16 years and am more madly in love with her today than I was on the day she agreed to marry me.

“I live and work here in our beautiful city. My children attend the public schools. And as a family we enjoy the multitude of activities, events, and natural wonders that our unique area of the province has to offer.

“Prior to my current profession, I gave 10 years service in law enforcement. In my more youthful days, I attended the University of Calgary and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Sciences, the major being International Relations. I have traveled and lived in various places in Canada and the world. Teaching in foreign nations and serving in humanitarian efforts in some of the most impoverished places on earth.

“As a citizen of our city I am engaged in regular volunteer efforts with the Cranbrook Food Bank, and sports team coaching at the middle school level.

“Through all of my travels, volunteering, education, and work experiences, I have learned that a village, town, or city is not really made up of the sites, structures, and sidewalks we see, but is made of the faces, friends, and families that live therein.  I have come to appreciate and value that everyone has a voice and that their voice deserves to be heard and their opinions deserved to be considered.

“For this reason I am intending on submitting my name in September for a city council position and would consider it a deep honour that when you vote, you consider me to humbly bear the responsibility of being your voice,” Rasmussen concluded.


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