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Posted: July 16, 2019

Council considering rezoning application for campground

A Cranbrook resident has begun the process of establishing a campground near the north entrance to the city.

Gary Woodward has applied for an amendment to the City of Cranbrook Official Community Plan (OCP) to enable consideration of rezoning a portion of his 2420 – 30th Avenue North property to allow for a campground.

The subject property comprises two parcels, .63 ha and .78 ha in size respectively, or approximately three acres combined.

Re-designation of a portion of the property from “Highway Corridor Commercial” to “Tourist Recreation” designation will enable consideration of rezoning the property from “C-2 – Highway Commercial Zone” to “C-6 – Tourist Commercial Zone.”

In an attached letter, the applicant indicates that while seeking to change the OCP designation and zoning to develop a campground on the property, he also wishes to retain the existing pawn broker business on part of one of the parcels as a C-2 zone. This would be accomplished by split zoning one of the two parcels.

The applicant indicates the proposed campground would be 45 fully serviced lots with water, sewer, wifi, and electrical hookups of 30 and 50 amps. It is intended that many existing trees would be retained with new trees provided for shade and privacy. The intent is to create a family and pet friendly space with recreation and play areas provided.

Council last night passed the first reading of the proposed OCP Bylaw amendment, setting the stage for upcoming public consultation.

As council is not scheduled to meet next again until mid-September, the proposed public consultation and advertising will occur in early September.

Lead image: Site plan for the proposed campground. From City of Cranbrook agenda


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