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Posted: September 18, 2020

Council endorses Cranbrook Strategic Plan 2020-2024

City of Cranbrook council Sept. 14 unanimously endorsed the Cranbrook Strategic Plan 2020-2024.

On June 8, council approved the request to obtain public feedback on the Cranbrook Strategic Plan 2020-2024 to gauge how well the draft plan reflected the needs of the community.

A survey was created where citizens were offered the opportunity to review the Draft Cranbrook Strategic Plan 2020-2024 and provide feedback to the Plan.

A link to the survey was placed on the city’s web site and was advertised through social media channels. A hard copy version of the survey was also available at City Hall. The survey was available between June 15 – June 26.

A total of 55 surveys were completed and 29 surveys were partially completed. Based on the results of this survey, it appears that the Cranbrook Strategic Plan 2020 has reflected the needs of the community and no recommendations are suggested for altering the original plan, a city report noted.


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