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Posted: January 20, 2021

Council gives nod to go with $5.1 million in work in 2021

City of Cranbrook council Jan. 18 provided pre-approval for the 2021 Capital Works Program budget and authorization for the city to proceed with $5,178,371 in infrastructure work.

β€œPre-approval of these funds allows staff to continue to moving forward with the planned 2021 projects such that designs can be complete and tenders can be out early in 2021, which leads to advantageous pricing and early start and completion of projects. The proposed projects utilizing this funding are identified through our Asset Management policy and framework,” explained Mike Matejka on behalf of finance and public works departments with the city.

The following projects are currently planned for 2021, subject to final budget, pricing and resources:

β€’ 2A Avenue –12th Street South and 14th Street South: Road and watermain reconstruction and street light upgrades;
β€’ Innes Avenue – 8th Street South to 11th Street South: Road, sidewalk and drainage improvements;
β€’ Alley east of 16th Ave – 2nd Street South to 4th Street South: watermain reconstruction;
β€’ 1A Street Creek Rehabilitation – 15 Avenue and 1A Street South: Creek Channel upgrades;
β€’ Sewer CIPP Relining- various locations;
β€’ Paving Program – various locations.

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