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Posted: November 14, 2020

Cranbrook Arts presents Art is my Music

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LaVerna Peters was raised in Manitoba and started her artistic career back in 2004 by painting Christmas scenes on windows for local businesses there.

In 2008 she relocated to Cranbrook and the inspiring Rockies. There she followed her passion and began studying art at College of the Rockies until 2015.  She has been busy since then with many exhibits at Cranbrook Arts, Centre 64 and Pynelogs in Invermere.

Laverna was on the Cranbrook Arts committee that created the Fourteen Trumpeting Elephants book that is one of their fundraisers. As part of the mural committee, she put in months of work, alongside Yvonne Vigne, on the mural for 1401 Artspace. The mural is soon to hang on the outside of the building of 1401-5th Street North, Cranbrook.

When asked what her creative process is, she stated: “I see colours and shapes as music. When the sun breaks through the forest trees I experience the changing light in the same way I would hear a crescendo in Music. Just like music emotionally takes me to another place; when I create Art my head and heart ‘disappear’ into another world.

“Whether painting wildlife, landscape and/or people it is impossible not to put a part of myself into the work. My life experiences inspire what and how I paint. When you look at my work; I hope you see the music of my heart.”

LaVerna is once again exhibiting as the Featured Artist from November 12- December 5 at Cranbrook Arts at 1013 Baker Street.

“LaVerna uses beautifully rich colors and this collection has such a variety of subjects. This exhibit connects the viewer with the moments she witnessed. Each painting is like a snapshot in the life of this artist. You feel part of her life,” said Gallery Administrator Leya Dwyer.

“Art is my Music” will be posted on @artscranbrook (Instagram) and Cranbrook and District Arts Council on Facebook throughout November 12- December 5 with her artist statements of each painting. If you want to see her beautiful expression of color in person, Cranbrook Arts is open Wednesday- Saturday 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

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