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Posted: April 14, 2020

Cranbrook citizens save wayward skunk

Cranbrook RCMP received a rather strange call this morning about a skunk that had made an “un-scent-sible” decision.

RCMP received a call about a skunk that had gotten its head stuck in a peanut butter jar in the area of the Pinewood Elementary School. The skunk could not see where he was going and was in need of assistance.

Thankfully a resident in the area has had dealings with skunks in the past and was able to provide direction to another onlooker, reported Cst. Katie Forgeron of Cranbrook RCMP.

“Apparently even skunks have issues with their own smell and if covered with a blanket will not spray.  A neighbour was able to cover the skunk and pull the jar off without being sprayed,” she related.

The skunk then wandered off no worse for wear.

“It was quite the scene in the cul de sac this morning. It’s definitely not the kind of call the RCMP are used to dealing with,” Cst. Forgeron said, adding, “Cranbrook RCMP would like to thank those individuals who helped this poor critter out!”

Photo courtesy Cranbrook RCMP


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