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Posted: January 13, 2021

Cranbrook files civil claim against WHL and ICE

The City of Cranbrook has filed a notice of civil claim against the Western Hockey League (WHL), as well as the Winnipeg ICE, 7497840 Manitoba Ltd., and Kootenay ICE Hockey Club.

The city is seeking damages for funds lost after the Kootenay ICE departed for Winnipeg in 2019, leaving a lease with the city for Western Financial Place use that spanned to June 2023.

Cranbrook filed the notice Dec. 24, 2020. The case will be heard in the Supreme Civil (General) Court in Vancouver.

The city claim says it has lost more than $178,000 a year due to the lease breach.

Additionally, the city’s claim states the loss of the team to Winnipeg cost $15,167 in one-time expenses.

The WHL, Winnipeg ICE and City of Cranbrook have made no formal comments.

City director of communications Chris Zettel told e-KNOW, “The city will not have any comments about this civil suit, until it is allowed to move through the courts.”


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