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Posted: March 21, 2019

Cranbrook Quilters reinvent ‘Peak Freak’ tees

An outstanding collaboration with the Cranbrook Quilters Guild (CQG) has resulted in a very unique ‘wrap yourself in happiness’ raffle prize that will raise funds and awareness for local arts and culture in Cranbrook.

The Fisher Peak Performing Artists Society (FPPAS) handed over the few remaining unsold 2018 ‘Peak Freak’ festival T-Shirts to the CQG to creatively transform into a striking full-sized quilt for the grand prize of their 2019 ‘Music in the Park’ raffle fundraiser. In this way, the shirts, originally donated by Sidekick Stickers, are recycled and continue to support local artists.

The CQG members meet regularly at the Cranbrook Senior’s Hall providing information and inspiration to Cranbrook’s quilters. They began in 1984 by a group of 16 local quilters inspired by another city’s guild and have a current membership of 68. Three of the founding women are still members today.

The hand-made black/white and red ‘Peak Freak’ quilt was designed, co-directed, bound and labeled by Jennifer Rea and machine quilted and co-directed by Joy French, CQG President; Cutting Cast: Ellen Stapleton, Sandra Martin and Brenda Arnold; Supporting Sewer’s: Betty Valin, Barb Olson, Linda Holm, Judy Guido, Janet Smith and Beth Lenz.

The beautiful quilt was presented on January 8 to FPPAS Directors Maureen Frank (pictured above, right front) and Howie Mason (top centre).

“The Guild has always been very active in the community, although in a low-key fashion. From our inception members have made quilts for people in our community and beyond who are experiencing trying times. The guild has distributed thousands of quilts over the past 34 years. When Fisher Peak Performing Artists Society approached us with the idea of partnering with them to raise funds we felt it was a perfect fit for us and a wonderful opportunity to raise our guild’s awareness in the community. We appreciate that FPPAS recognizes quilting as the art form it is and wants to work with us to a mutually beneficial end,” stated Joy French, CQG President.

The raffle’s second prize is a ‘Coffee Lover’s Gift Pack’ that contains four custom-made coffee mugs from Cranbrook Photo, stuffed full of coffee products from Kootenay Roasting Company, Tim Hortons and McDonalds with Gift Certificates from Hot Shots Café and coffee tools from Canadian Tire.

The two dollar tickets will be sold at Rotary Park on Saturday evenings of July and August during Summer Sounds/Dancing in the Park and the annual ‘PEAK’ Music Festival August 3o and 31. The draw will be held during the ‘PEAK’ Music Festival.

FPPAS are volunteer organizers of multiple events, which provide opportunities for local performing artists to enhance their skills and free live entertainment for everyone inclusively at Rotary Park in Cranbrook.

They hope to raise $5,000 to help pay for costs related to these community programs. More information can be found here.


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