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Posted: August 20, 2018

Cranbrook RCMP Report

By S/Sgt. Hector Lee

The following is a synopsis of calls received by Cranbrook RCMP for the week (from 6 a.m.) August 13 to 6 a.m., August 20.

Police handled 180 calls for service throughout this week.

Among the calls police handled…

One impaired driving: (alcohol).

Four collisions in the city: A vehicle hit a wheelchair pedestrian with the driver charged under the Motor Vehicle Act, with non-life threatening injuries to wheelchair pedestrian; aminor collision in the parking lot of Superstore; vehicle colliding with skateboarder who ignored a traffic signal, minor injuries to skateboarder; and a two-vehicle collision with no injuries.

Two collisions outside the city: One collision involving deer; and a vehicle rolled into ditch on side of Highway 95.

26 driving complaints: 10 in the city and 16 outside the city.

Two hit and runs: A vehicle sideswiped another vehicle and the driver of the offending vehicle took off, no injuries; parked vehicle hit, likely by a truck, property damage only.

Six assaults: A domestic assault; confrontation between friends resulted in an arrest and assault charge being recommended; confrontation between neighbours resulted in arrest and assault charge being recommended; altercation between family members, no charges; male beaten badly but refuses to cooperate with police; male assaulted a store clerk, was promptly arrested and charge of assault with weapon being recommended.

10 Mental Health Act related calls: three assist East Kootenay Regional Hospital.

15 thefts.

Two shoplifting.

Seven thefts from auto: A mountain bike stolen from a vehicle; hitch stolen from vehicle, no lock on pin; rings stolen from vehicle that was unlocked; wallet in an unlocked vehicle was rifled through and cash was stolen; change and sunglasses stolen from vehicle, window was left down partially; vehicle broken into and a purple Michael kors bag was stolen, contents were emptied onto the ground near the vehicle/ batteries stolen from logging trucks in the Industrial area.

Five thefts other: Two thefts were unfounded; theft of electronics by tenant; phone stolen from fast food restaurant while charging; theft of tools by known suspect.

One theft of bicycle: A yellow and black Norco Mountain bike stolen from a building complex.

Two break and enter to residence: One report likely unfounded; suspect entered residence and took off immediately learning house was occupied, door was unlocked.

Seven damage to property: A fence was damaged; graffiti on a business building; vehicle had hole drilled into a gas tank, likely occurred the same time as the others from the week previous and owner just reporting this past week; broken window at a downtown business; vehicle vandalized in the downtown area; window at a house broken, suspect is known.

One drug seizure: More information forthcoming.

13 false alarms and false 911 calls.

S/Sgt. Hector Lee is Cranbrook RCMP Detachment Commander.

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