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Posted: July 6, 2020

Cranbrook Strategic Plan must be built for our times

Letter to the Editor

Cranbrook Strategic Plan is arriving at the right time. Now let’s build it for our times.

Calling Cranbrookers! Let’s make a strategic plan that sets us on course for the future from where we are today. Developing a plan is a great start – thank you to Mayor and council for doing this. The Cranbrook Strategic Plan (see city website) was open to public input in June but was developed in February 2020 and does not consider recovery from the pandemic, nor the underpinnings of long-term well-being.

A plan that looks to long term health, economy and climate outcomes that we all depend on, would also have the added critical benefit of positioning us for federal and provincial funding.  If our plan doesn’t align with policy then we may be bypassed.

This could seriously strand us when funding is so essential. The Cranbrook Strategic Plan states it sets the direction for the future with a vision, mission and goals.

Many excellent resources are available through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the BC Community Energy Association to assist us to achieve this. Cities around the world are agreeing to seven guiding principles for recovery, recognizing that human health is hinged with the environment.

Mike Bloomberg, C40 board president says: “This task force is committed to helping city leaders as they work on recovery in ways that lead us forward into the future, not back into the past.”

Cranbrook Strategic Plan shouldn’t be finalized based on February 2020.  It does need to be updated to reflect current recovery, and long term economic, health and climate outcomes that are essential to us all.

Sue Cairns,


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