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Posted: May 2, 2019

Cranbrook’s 2019 Water Smart Ambassador announced

Cranbrook’s successful water conservation public education campaign moves into full swing for the summer season, with the announcement of Danielle Macdonald as the city’s 2019 Water Smart Ambassador.

The Water Smart Ambassador is an integral part of the overall water conservation education program. The Ambassador role is designed to help residents understand the importance of outdoor water conservation, while helping them get the most out of the water they do use through the warmer months. In the long run, reducing outdoor water use also helps reduce the city’s costs in treating and transporting water to homes and businesses.

“I’m very excited for this opportunity to work with the community over the summer, as an ambassador for water conservation education,” said Macdonald. “I look forward to meeting members of the community and assisting them in the implementation of simply strategies to lessen their water consumption. This is particularly important in the hot summer months, when water use is at its peak.”

The early focus of the Water Smart Ambassador will be to promote water conservation through education and games with school-aged children, in partnership with School District No. 5. Free irrigation system assessments for both residential and commercial water customers will be available again this year, on a first come, first serve basis beginning in July.

“Danielle will be a great fit in this important educational and community-based role for us this summer,” said Chris Zettel, Communications for the City of Cranbrook. “We have had many wonderful past ambassadors who have done great work for the community and I know Danielle will quite ably help us promote the importance of wise outdoor water use. I hope the community takes the opportunity to meet Danielle and take advantage of the irrigation assessments.”

For more information about the Ambassador program and the city’s overall water conservation, including outdoor watering days and times.

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