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Posted: December 13, 2019

Cranbrook’s Love for Olive

On Wednesday, December 11, something magical happened.

Young supporters of Olive strut forward during the fashion show, sharing a message of love and support for Olive, while dawning the Love for Olive toques. Photo Credit: Stephanie Moore, Photographer.

The community gathered at Soulfood, for a heartwarming evening, as they rallied around the Potorti family. This past October, 10- year-old Cranbrook resident Olivia Potorti was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia that only one other child in Canada has.

When a few local ladies learned that they each had a different connection to the family, they started a string of over 200 emails that resulted in the Wednesday night event, Love for Olive. In an incredible show of support, over 40 businesses rallied to support the event-matching ticket sales, contributing to an online auction, and offering cash donations. One hundred tickets were sold to friends and family.

There were many memorable moments throughout the evening, including a donation of $70 by Olivia’s best friend, who not only shaved her head in support of Olivia, but began immediately raising funds for her best friend.

Cranbrook Flooring, Sandor Rentals, Charbonneau Holdings, and Wildhorse Surgical each presented cheques to the family, after agreeing to match ticket sales to the tune of $3,000.

Archdesign Cabinetry presented the family with a top of the line laptop, so that Olivia can complete her schoolwork while away on treatment.

Miles, Zimmer & Associates also announced at the event, that they will be donating all fees collected for notarization services, until March 1, 2020. In its first week, the agreement served to raise almost $500 for the family.

Archdesign Cabinetry present a laptop to Olivia’s father Dustin, so that Olivia can do school work while away on treatment. Local business owners stand behind, after presenting cheques to the family. Photo Credit: Stephanie Moore, Photographer.

Many local women and children, participated in a fashion show, that featured heartwarming signs of support for Olivia. Fashion show director, Jennifer Mouly, of Velvet Life fashion revealed a beautiful toque with a heart shape olive. Forty of which were sold within minutes and donated all sales to the family.

The heart stopping moment of the night, however, was when the family gathered to Facetime Olivia and her mother, who were unable to attend the event due to being away for treatment.

In total, over $17,000 in cash and gifts were raised for the Potorti family to put toward medical costs and the cost of Olivia’s parents being off work to support her.

The organizers of the event, Soulfood, Brook PR, Velvet Life and Wild Honey would like to thank the following businesses for their support, media for promoting the event and building awareness of Olivia’s rare form of leukemia; and all the residents who attended and contributed to the event.

Cranbrook Flooring

Sandor Rentals

Charbonneau Holdings

Wildhorse Surgical

Velvet Life


Jessica, Shelby, and Laura, of Wild Honey, perform for the crowd, while sporting Love for Olive toques. Photo Credit: Stephanie Moore, Photographer.

Wild Honey
Brook Public Relations & Social Media
Free Rein Pilates

M & K Plumbing
Sunshine Houseboats
John Seiga, Sound Manager
Olive Me Handmade
Zen Mountain Float
Mud Frogs Studio
The Choice
Amsing Family
Pro Fitness
Massage Works!
Portable Sawmill Services
Jo McKinstrie Real Estate Agent, Royal Lepage East Kootenay Mallory’s by Scott Mallory
Poppy & Clover
Vanity Room
Lane & Meadow
OTG Power Solutions
Kootenay Canine Adventures
Photos by Frida
Element Homes
Arch Allure Microblading
MJs Floral
The Bedroom Furniture Galleries
Kootenay Life Cycle
Lexan Photography
Top Crop Garden, Farm & Pet
Mud Frogs Studio
Skin Dynamics
Archdesign Cabinetry
Miles, Zimmer & Associates
Mallory’s by Scott Mallory

Lead image: Olivia’s grandmother, father, aunt and uncle embrace one another in an emotional moment, while FaceTiming Olive. Photo Credit: Stephanie Moore, Photographer.


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