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Posted: August 24, 2016

Cranbrook’s newest lunch spot now open

Community Connections Society of Southeast BC (CCS) is very pleased to announce the opening of its latest project ‘The Food Truck’.

The Food Truck MenuCCS is a dynamic organization with a mission to provide services which holistically enhance the well-being of the diverse people in our region.

After a need for funding to promote nutrition throughout CCS’s programs arose, the idea for a food based social enterprise was the perfect fit. “We believe that everyone deserves to eat; and if you are going to eat it might as well be good food!” says Sophie Larsen, CCS Kitchen Coordinator. Thus the concept for The Food Truck was born.

As a social enterprise, the goals of the Food Truck are equally rooted in both social and financial gains. The Food Truck will generate income for the many CCS programs, while at the same time providing a healthy lunch option to our community.

The Food Truck provides quick, healthy, locally sourced, salad inspired meals, smoothies and snacks. The project strives to use the freshest, local ingredients sourced from talented, hard working growers. “It is important to us that we are supporting our local farmers, celebrating what grows in our region, and producing delicious, healthy options.” states Gwen Noble, CCS Executive Director. A flexible menu allows The Food Truck to highlight the best of what produce is in season at the time.

The Food Truck is also very proud to be offering a pay-it-forward meal concept. Customers can purchase pay-it-forward smoothie or salad tokens or contribute to the community jar that will purchase pay-it-forward tokens. The tokens can then be passed on or left on the wall of the food truck for those in need.

The Food Truck will be permanently located in front of Cranbrook Family Connections, 209A 16th Ave N. Currently, The Food Truck is open on Thursdays from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Future plans do exist for extended hours, expanded menus and catering options. For more information, connect with The Food Truck on Facebook, or come check us out on Thursdays, eat delicious food and support social programs at the same time!


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