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Posted: November 1, 2016

Cranbrook’s Sale So Big Nov. 17-19

A huge city-wide sales event will kick off holiday shopping in Cranbrook this year.

Joey Hoechsmann
Joey Hoechsmann

“Cranbrook’s Sale So Big is a three day sales extravaganza that will provide outstanding shopping opportunities and savings for resident and regional shoppers alike,” said Cranbrook Downtown Business Association (DBA) president Joey Hoechsmann.

“A three-day sale will provide significantly more shopping opportunities than a single day event,” said Hoechsmann. “A one day sale, on a work day, is really limiting.  This will be a city wide three day sales event of proportions never seen in Cranbrook.”

Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce Executive Director David D. Hull has committed the chamber to work hand in glove with the DBA to ensure the Christmas shopping season kicks off to a roaring success. “The timing of the sale away from the Santa Claus parade the following week was very intentional. We wanted to ensure each event to has the space and attention they deserve,” he said.

Hull noted that for a vast number of retailers the last six weeks of the year is the “make or break” period for the bottom line. Hence the American coined term Black Friday, that being the day when profits are finally being realized.

“It is a tremendously important period for retailers. The DBA and the chamber are working diligently to provide every opportunity for merchants to capitalize on this monumental sales event.”

Graphics and branding have been created along with information kits for the merchants to make the most of this event. A consistent look and branding will go a long way to building a sustaining future for this event.

Participating merchants will have an opportunity to buy into pooled advertising and promotion.  Local advertising media have all come together with packages and promotions to assist merchants.

Cranbrook’s Sale So Big runs Nov. 17-19.

Merchant registration and information is available HERE.


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