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Posted: June 1, 2021

Crime and theft reduction initiatives for local business

Creating improved crime awareness and assisting businesses make improvements around security for their buildings and property, is behind a joint enforcement campaign between the City of Cranbrook’s Bylaw Services and the Cranbrook RCMP Detachment.

Together these two agencies will continue to utilize the COPS (Citizens on Patrol) program to assist in the tracking and reporting of incidents and any unusual activity in business areas of the city along Highway 3 and in the downtown core.

RCMP will also be conducting more patrols in these areas over the coming weeks. Cranbrook RCMP plan to make full use of the police e-bikes provided by the city, with two dedicated officers supplementing regular uniformed patrol and plain clothes positions.

It is important for businesses to come forward and make the RCMP aware of any criminal activity, while making the City’s Bylaw Services aware of individuals not complying with city bylaws. RCMP will work with all local businesses that reach out to them to discuss how they can increase the level of security on their properties and in their operations.

“Our Bylaw Services team is full support of the efforts of our local RCMP around crime and theft reduction,” said Paul Heywood, Manager of Building and Bylaw Services with the City of Cranbrook. “We will continue to ensure that all individuals comply with our city bylaws, and invite businesses and concerned citizens to call 311, or bylaw services directly at 1-250-489-0263 to report a bylaw infraction or concern. We are here to support businesses throughout the city, so that they can continue to operate without hindrance or loss.”

Meantime, both the city and the Cranbrook RCMP received approval in early May to move ahead with the hiring of two additional RCMP members and the creation of a watch clerk administrative position.

“The civilian watch clerk position will be an integral part of our team, allowing our uniformed police officers to spend more of their shift on the road conducting proactive patrols of area hot spots,” said S/Sgt. Barry Graham of the Cranbrook RCMP Detachment. “This enhanced mobility will help expedite our response to calls for service which will result in more successful investigations. The additional visibility will help deter illegal activities and provide more comfort to our communities who are understandably concerned with the issues we all face.”

Council has already approved the funding for the additional RCMP members and watch clerk positions through the city budget process conducted earlier this spring.

“Council has been proactive in dealing with this issue. Working closely with the RCMP and our local business owners, we hope to reduce this problem,” said Mayor Lee Pratt. “As Staff Sergeant Graham said, it is important for the business owners and the residents to report any suspicious activity, so they are aware of it. Safety of our community is a definite priority for this council and our city staff.”

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