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Posted: July 14, 2019

Crime writing gang formed

Cranbrook resident Dave Butler.

It’s a crime, really (or at least a mystery).

It’s a crime so many mystery authors serve their time plotting their murders chained to their solitary desks when an occasional temporary release could make for much lighter sentences.

It was that punishing routine that inspired three authors to attend the Left Coast Crime Conference in Vancouver in late March —all seeking social and networking opportunities.

The three authors met, connected, conspired and immediately formed a crime writing gang.

Free Range Writers was born!

We three award-winning western authors whose work is strikingly similar—falling somewhere between eco-thrillers and environmental mysteries—yet surprisingly unique, are breaking out of solitary!

We have pledged, no matter where we range or roam, we will support and promote each other’s work.

One for all and all for crime.

We invite you to get to know the three Free Rangers.

Pam Beason:  The Sam Westin Mystery Series.

Dave Butler: The Jenny Willson Mystery Series.

Greg Zeigler: The Jake Goddard and Susan Brand Series.

Free Range Writers. Available in bookstores and online. Check us out. (freerangewriters.com)


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