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Posted: November 13, 2014

Deer Mr. Hills

Letter to the Editor

Sorry Bill but you are working with only part of my campaign promise and with old science, as per your letter in e-KNOW Nov. 12.

What I say in my brochure is: “Promote non-lethal urban deer management, harvesting as required for public safety.”

While the final decision to harvest or not will rest with the next council, almost 70% of the respondents to Cranbrook’s deer survey support another cull, so I suspect that there will be one. However, we can do better in the future.

I am part of a committee that is looking to get translocations underway because the new science out of the western USA tells us that it can be, and has been, done successfully.

The committee includes B.C.’s Provincial Veterinarian, local Fish and Wildlife staff, local Fish and Game Clubs, and municipalities. The translocation will be science-based and serve as a model for other communities wrestling with the same problem – Cranbrook helping to lead the way once again!

Mayor Wayne Stetski,

City of Cranbrook

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