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Posted: August 5, 2021

EK BC SPCA caring for badly neglected cats and kittens

Thirteen cats and kittens rescued from a Creston property last month are getting a new lease on life at the East Kootenay BC SPCA in Cranbrook.

BC SPCA animal protection officers seized the animals on July 7 from the rural property, where they were found living in unsanitary, crowded conditions.

“These poor cats were underweight and suffering from a range of serious medical issues, from upper respiratory infections and internal parasites to hair loss and open wounds,” said Christy King, manager of the BC SPCA in East Kootenay.

“Some of the adult cats in the group were suffering from very bad oral disease due to neglect,” she said. “One of the cats, named Meredith, also suffered a painful injury to her eye that caused irreparable damage to her cornea. She had surgery to remove her right eye today.”

King notes that three kittens in the group – Skeeter, Cricket, and Bumblebee – had such bad upper respiratory infections that their eyes were glued shut with discharge from the infection.

“Most of the cats are under socialized with people due to their previous living conditions, but they are coming around and responding very well to the behaviour modification programs we have been providing,” said King. “We have seen huge progress in their behaviour over the past couple of weeks and they are starting to enjoy being with people and getting attention.” She says some of them have even discovered the joy of snuggling and look for an available lap to curl up in.

The cats – now named Meredith, Lexie, Miranda, Christina, Arizona, Amelia, April, McDreamy, McSteamy, Calliope, Skeeter, Cricket and Bumblebee – will be in SPCA care in Cranbrook for a few more months until they are completely healed from their medical issues.

“We will then make sure they are spayed and neutered and vaccinated so that we can find them wonderful new homes,” explained King. “Now that they are no longer in pain and are surrounded by love their personalities are really starting to blossom. We have no doubt that they will make amazing companions.”

King says she is grateful for those who have assisted with the ongoing medical costs to help the cats and kittens live a new, pain-free life.  “As a charity we rely on community support to help all the animals in our care and we are so grateful to those who partner with us to give these deserving animals a second chance.” If you’d like to help, please visit medicalemergency.ca.

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