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Posted: January 11, 2019

Empowering members of our community with FoodFit

FoodFit program from Community Connections Society of Southeast BC will help you with your New Years Resolutions

Community Connections Society will be offering a free 12-week program FoodFit to help you reach your health goals in 2019.

The program starts next Friday, January 18 and brings community members together to set goals, learn skills, and make measurable changes in overall health and fitness. The goal of the FoodFit program, developed by Community Food Centres Canada (CFCC), is to support community members to become better nourished, more active, and less socially isolated.

Each weekly session includes a knowledge, exercise and kitchen module. The knowledge modules discusses the different aspects of healthy living, including nutrition and physical activity. For the exercise module participants will go on a 30-min walk, and the kitchen modules includes cooking and sharing a meal together.

Impacts from the programs past sessions have been very positive: most FoodFit participants consumed more fruits and vegetables, cooked more healthy meals at home, moved more, and increased their social support networks.

“FoodFit really focuses on promoting fun, hands-on, realistic changes to diet and activity. People cook and walk together, set realistic goals, and are encouraged to notice and track the changes to how they feel. We’re seeing that small, consistent changes not only make people feel better, but can add up to measurable results in things like blood pressure and resting heart rate” said Kathryn Scharf, Chief Operating Officer at Community Food Centres Canada.

The FoodFit program is open to all. The next session starts Friday, Jan. 18 and runs 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. To book your spot, or for more information, please call Sophie at 778 517-5447.

Community Connections Society of Southeast BC

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