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Posted: April 5, 2020

Food bank releases food resources schedule

In a Facebook post opening with “even a pandemic can’t stop Cranbrook teamwork from helping our own,” the Cranbrook Food Bank Society today reported it is getting outstanding support from residents and community organizations and businesses.

The post also contained the current Cranbrook Food Resources schedule (below).

“Non-profit organizations aided by volunteers (individual, churches, businesses) who have allowed us and other non-profits to deliver and replace regular volunteers at high risk,” the society stated. “Increased food and cash donations from our local grocery stores, businesses and individuals. Cranbrook Food Recovery team helping non-profits distribute food. Locals making us homemade masks and cleaning companies providing CDC-recommended daily cleaning to help keep us safe (Gilgal Janitorial Services serving us well!). Non-profits, churches and new COVID-19 care-mongering groups working together to ensure that no one in need falls through the cracks. Local news services, radio stations helping spread the word. Thank you to all!”


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