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Posted: January 25, 2023

Food Security Policy to be added to OCP

The City of Cranbrook has taken another step toward the allowance of urban/residential hens.

City of Cranbrook council recently requested that city staff provide information on the best practices and precedent regulations used in other communities to permit urban/ residential hens within the city.

Staff conducted brief research into communities of comparable size that permit urban/ residential hens and identified 11 communities that permit urban hens, with varying regulations, reported Santana Patten of Engineering and Development Services.

With council’s approval in place, staff will work with a consulting team to include strengthened food security policies into the draft Official Community Plan (OCP) for consideration by council, and the public, as part of the OCP review process.

The policies, if adopted, can be used to support consideration of future initiatives and bylaw amendments for things such as urban hens, backyard bees, local food production etc., which can be added to city corporate work plans for implementation.

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