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Posted: February 16, 2021

Forget the waitress and call the florist

Denham Ford Cranbrook and sponsors held a Valentine’s Day love story contest with a romantic staycation as the prize and today announced the winners on social media.

Huge congratulations to our Valentine’s Day Staycation winners – Tracy and Allan Wisemiller!

Here is their amazing story for all to enjoy!

“As the owner of a flower store, I was used to men coming in with no idea of what to buy, but on this particular day I got a doozie. He came in and looked in the cooler for a few minutes and then asked, ‘what kind of flower would you recommend for a secret admirer?’ and proceeded to explain that he had coffee at this restaurant every day, and one of the waitresses was really nice and cute as well.

“He was new in town and wanted to send her a flower anonymously and be there when she received it to see if she was interested. So, after an hour, yes an hour, we finally decided on a flower. Then came the card, which took another hour to finally write and it was all set to go down the next day. So, I delivered the flower at the appointed time, saw him there watching and looked at the waitresses’ face when she read the card. It was not a good look at all.

“When he came by the store to see what I thought of the response, I told him that she didn’t seem like she was interested at all. We talked for a while, finding out he knew my family in Cranbrook which led to more talking. He left and I waited for a few days, hoping he would come back since I thought we hit it off, but he didn’t.

“However, the friend who was with him having coffee that day, passed by the store. So, I stopped him and asked if he could deliver a message to his friend for me and he said “yes.” So, I went back into the store and wrote on a little enclosure card, ‘Forget the waitress, call the florist, you have the number’; put it in an envelope and sealed it. He took it and I waited.

“The next day he came by the store and got my home phone number and the courtship started. Ten months later, on Sadie Hawkins day, I took out a half page ad in the Townsman and Bulletin asking him to marry me, and he said yes! It’s now been 22 years that we have been together and through all the ups, downs and sideways that we have been through, I wouldn’t change a thing. I look at that card, now framed on our wall, and think back to the day I sent it and wonder if I would still be waiting for him to make a decision on whether or not I was interested in him all those years ago, if I hadn’t sent it!”

Denham Ford would like to thank every one of these businesses who made this evening wonderful.

Lead image: Tracy and Allan Wisemiller. Photos submitted by Denham Ford


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