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Posted: April 12, 2019

Friendship team missing $30k; RCMP investigating

The Cranbrook Friendship Kootenay Ice Hockey Team today issued a media release alleging misappropriation of funds to the tune of $30,000, less than two weeks before the team is to embark on a tour of Japan.

The RCMP has been notified and is taking over the investigation.

The team April 11 initiated an internal audit of funds, part of final preparation before departure, and reported it “uncovered some serious misappropriation of funds by a trusted volunteer. After realizing the significance of the misappropriation the audit quickly turned into a fraud investigation.”

The loss of such a large sum, derived from more than 18 months of fundraising efforts by players and families, is forcing organizers to evaluate where they stand on the upcoming trip.

“The damage to this amazing opportunity is significant with over $30,000 being misappropriated, leaving a significant deficiency 12 days before travel, to the families that worked tirelessly for 18+ months to fundraise for their children,” the team stated.

“The Cranbrook 2019 Friendship Kootenay Ice Hockey Team is currently evaluating their position and any opportunities to recover the deficiency to ensure the trip can still be completed so the athletes can create lifetime memories.”


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