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Posted: July 23, 2021

Fun, games and more summer activity at Cranbrook Arts

Leaders and children have been having fun visiting local parks, playing games all while having an eye on creativity during their time in 1401.

There have been leaf drawings, fairy gardens, Bob Ross inspired paintings, ‘Up House’ drawings, clay animals and more during the first three weeks of July’s Summer Camps at 1401 Kootenay St.

The week-long camps continue through August and upcoming themes include the magical and mysterious, three-dimensional work and more.

Each week is not exclusive to the theme as the kids have fun exploring their own ideas and spend time outdoors every day.

The Pottery Studio gives attendees a taste of clay work once a week and the Exhibition Gallery is used for inspiration.

Cranbrook Arts has three enthusiastic leaders to look after our creative children and we are happy to say we now have the ability to cool the workshop in these hot temperatures.

Joan Wilson is the featured artist at 1013 Baker St. Don’t forget to pop by and see some of her ‘amusing personified’ trees.

Joan’s work is also featured in the ‘Kootenay’s Best Exhibit’ at 1401 on Kootenay St

Other artists in this exhibit include Mike Hepher, Janet Moore, Joseph Cross, Laverna Peters and many more. Go to the website for open Hours.

Cranbrook Arts is pleased to announce our first Print Making Workshop coming up during two weekends in August.

Please go to our webpage for details and registration.

Clay Time Studio has already produced work enough for the new large kiln to be fired.  We are now taking bookings for Clay Play Parties for adults (maximum six) depending on instructor availability.

Regular classes and children’s clay time classes will be advertised soon.

We look forward to seeing you in the Gallery, the workshop, Clay Time Studio or the retail shop on Baker St.

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Cranbrook Arts Council

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