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Posted: September 17, 2020

Groups hail completion of Idlewild Ridge Trail Project

Moir Park next target for improvements

The Rotary Club of Cranbrook and JCI Kootenay Sept. 14 let the City of Cranbrook know how much they appreciated city support during the recently completed Idlewild Ridge Trail Project.

Coun. Ron Popoff

Rotary director of projects David Kaiser, club president Bill Bennett and JCI’s incoming president Marcus Brown, all via Zoom, outlined the community success of the 365 metres of paved trail in Idlewild.

The improvement occurred thanks to a grant from Columbia Basin Trust, volunteer labour from Rotary and JCI and donations/support from BA Blacktop and Finning, as well as city help.

“It’s a great asset to the park,” said Coun. Ron Popoff, also a Rotarian. “It was a full all-efforts-in. I was amazed at some of the effort people put in.”

Mayor Lee Pratt added, “What a great project it’s been.”

Concluding the presentation to council, Rotary’s Kaiser told council the service club has identified another community project, part of a club centennial celebration – a paved trail around the perimeter of Moir Park.

“We realize the park is not as used as well as it could be,” Kaiser said, noting the club has heard the city’s concerns about maintenance costs to be incurred from a new trail.

“We’re not looking for a blank cheque from city council,” he said, noting the Idlewild Ridge trail was estimated to cost $300,000 but was completed for $50,000.

“We have several partners ready to go on this,” he said, asking the city for in-kind help and consideration of the project.

Kaiser said Rotary would provide more details in one month “to keep city costs to an absolute minimum.

Mayor Pratt said a letter of support “wouldn’t be a problem at all. Thank you for all  the work you and JCI have done at Idlewild.”


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