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Posted: February 13, 2015

Horoscope for the week beginning Feb. 13

Michael OConnorBy Michael O’Connor

Tip of the week

As bright, friendly and wonderful as people with the Sun in Aquarius are, the gushy, sentimental and romantic feelings that are associated with Valentine’s Day don’t entirely fit.

It would have seemed better placed in Leo-August or Libra-September or May days Taurus or perhaps even deep November Scorpio. But there it is smack dab in mid-winter in the Air sign carrying traits of detachment, humanism, invention and genius and revolution, too, but where’s the heat and steam, mush and gush of a lover’s touch? Can we see beneath the surface and find at least some of the qualities of the other signs mentioned woven within this day? Yes, we can.

First, February 14 occurs when the Sun is in the Libra Decant of Aquarius. Each sign of 30 degrees can be divided into three groups of 10 degrees. The first is linked to the sign in question, in this case Aquarius. The next air sign, which is Gemini, and that 10-degree Decant ends on about February 9, which brings us to Libra, the sign of relationships which is ruled by love/desire Venus.

Next, when we divide any 30-degree sign by 12, we get 12 segments of 2.5 degrees and these are called “Duads.” Duads can and do actually prove very potent when it comes to Reading your Astrology chart. As it is the duad for Aquarius on February 14 is directly linked to Scorpio (22.5 – 25 degrees Aquarius – look at 12 midnight in Greenwich UK when the day officially begins.) So, there woven within February 14 lives sexy Scorpio, so far so good.

Third, the number 14 adds to five, as in 1 + 4 = 5. Five is the fifth month or May, which is largely the domain of Taurus, the other sign ruled by Venus, and considered the most sensual sign of the Zodiac. Don’t worry, if you feel you are super sensual but are not a Taurus you too probably have it tightly tucked in the privates of your chart. Also five is the number of the five senses and is another indication of the sensuality themes hidden within 14.

On a final note, Leo is the polar opposite sign of Aquarius and whatever sign the Sun is in, the Earth (planet not element) is in the polar opposite sign, which in the case of Aquarius is dramatic, romantic, and sexy Leo, which is also the sign of the heart that beats fast and delightfully so especially when we are in the close embrace of our lover.

So, Valentine’s Day is woven with love and sex appeal all right but sometimes we have to get really close to see what is hidden beneath an otherwise reserved demure.

PS: The second New Moon in Aquarius, this one at 29 Aquarius 54, literally six minutes prior to Pisces, occurs on February 18 and celebrates Chinese New Year – the year of the Wood Ram. Stay tuned.

Feb. 13 – 19

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 20)

As good as it is to know who your true friends are; sometimes it is hard to be really sure. A lot is up in the air. While it is wise to affirm that you are your own best friend, even that can be a challenge. Such times are a call to communicate within, with your own heart’s truth but also without, with someone who can provide wise counsel.

Taurus (Apr 20 – May 21)

horotaurusYour sights are set on the future. If only the skies were clear blue and not clouds and fog. Part of you wants to bolt and at high speed to get through. Yet your better judgment is urging that you persevere slowly. There are indications that you have reason to feel more confident than you might actually. Decipher what all those reasons are and zero in. Gratitude equals altitude.

Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

Seeing a bigger picture continues. Yet doing so requires surrender of some habitual perspectives. We do not see reality as it is so much as we are conditioned to see. Yet, we can learn to recognize our own conditioning. This is a first step to truly seeing. It is all about breaking free of assumed facts and conclusions. Weave imagination and creativity to see through and anew.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Looking back, one thing will be clear; life is all about relationships. Some of these are getting more of your attention now. Beyond the usual and immediate, these important connections are leading you to reflect upon deeper realities. Thoughts about birth, life and perhaps death too are floating in your mind. In either case a message is trying to get through and it says: be here now.

Leo (July 22 – Aug 23)

Despite an otherwise steady process of endings, your world is simultaneously expanding. Some things must usually end when new experiences are set to occur. Timing of destiny is a key factor. It sometimes moves us away from people, living circumstances or at least old perceptions, self-concepts and modes of approach. Yet this time of change is woven with creative possibility.

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

There comes the time when we must lay claim to gifts and powers that have remained largely dormant or hidden. It takes awareness, courage and determination to lay claim to these. It will require that you set pride aside and redirect that energy to do the work required. Let your inner authority speak and listen up, it has plans for you.

Libra (Sep 22 – Oct 22)

horolibraAs important as are the themes focused upon your whole health now, which include the quality of your overall lifestyle, this is also a time of learning. Positively, you are poised to learn wonderful things that have been waiting their turn, perhaps a very long time. Initially this learning curve implies associations with others. Eventually they will lead you to your own personal studies.

Scorpio (Oct 22 – Nov 21)

A good deal of shifting and shaking close to now is fortunately rewarding you with awakening. Realizations about who you are and are not and what you want and need and do not are becoming clearer. These are a feature of an expanding public and professional life, which require more of your time and energy. Get ready for an even bigger boost of your imagination power.

Sagittarius (Nov 21 – Dec 21)

Many new thoughts and perceptions are stirring your imagination. Mastering it is a key to your success because our imagination can literally scare us to death. As powerful and wondrous as it is, there are times when it is good to say: ‘it is just my imagination working overtime.’ Aim to clear the past to make way for the future.

Capricorn (Dec 21 – Jan 19)

Thoughts about the future are solidly on your mind. If only your confidence in the future could be as firm. Yet as you begin to assess who has the talents and resources that you need you can begin to feel better. All you have to do is to enlist their support. This is where diplomatic relations is required. Yet the times call for fresh perspectives and personalities.

horoaquariasAquarius (Jan 19 – Feb 19)

Mercury is retrograde in your sign but this is one of the three best places for it to be as it serves to sharpen your focus. The Sun in your sign as well points to new beginnings of all kinds. Jupiter meanwhile is opening your world of public relations and creative potentials. With your ambitions running high you are ready to rock. But you may first have to contend with a slow learning curve.


Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

Slightly behind the scenes and possibly a bit below the weather, that does not mean that dreams will not come true now. While you are undergoing a soul-searching journey, you are and have also been breaking ground and entering new territory. This may include a variety of creative projects and pursuits. Amidst all this reverie, make efforts to get organized so your advance feels clear and solid.

Michael O’Connor is a professional astrologer with an international clientele.  He has 30 years of study in Astrology, Numerology and related metaphysical and spiritual modalities, over 20 years of full-time practice, is an entertaining and inspirational speaker, and writes a popular New Moon Newsletter and Horoscope Column. To learn more about Booking an Appointment, attending one of Michael’s Workshops or Webinars or one of his inspiring Visual Presentations, please visit his website or contact Michael directly. or (250) 352-6871 or [email protected]

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