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Posted: July 26, 2022

Immortal Canadian Punk icons burn back to Cranbrook

Kimberley’s hard-rock heroes Leather Apron Revival

Heatstroke ’22 Festival cranks Friday, July 29 at the Cranbrook Hotel Pub

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any hotter around the Sunshine Capitol of British Columbia, along comes the Heatstroke ’22 Festival – which sees Vancouver’s internationally worshipped hardcore-punk legends DOA return to Cranbrook to finally slam the lid on bitter pandemic memories and cauterize our emotional wounds through the cleansing fire of ear-splitting rock and roll.

“It’s funny,” remarked Joe Keithley, DOA’s guitarist-vocalist, who’s been at the punk rock game since the very beginnings of the anti-authoritarian / anti-social / anti-whatever culture – 1978 onwards, to be exact. “Our last show in Cranbrook happened virtually right before the pandemic erupted, and now we return right after the social restrictions are lifted. Poignant to be closing the book on the pandemic experience for the good people of Cranbrook.

“Now let’s get back to our lives and make some noise!”

And the noise shall be brought inside the cozy confines of the Cranbrook Hotel Pub in downtown Cranbrook on the evening of Friday, July 29.

Keithley is joined by the plucky Nelson-based dynamic duo of bassist Mike Hodsall and drummer Paddy Duddy, lifelong friends and bandmates who served long tours of duty in bands like BC/DC (one of North America’s most popular tributes to AC/DC) and Circle the Wagons before DOA absorbed them in, and since 2014 they’ve stood as Keithley’s longest-running sidekicks; with the lifting of the pandemic, DOA’s Worldwide Aggression Engine is revved up and redlining once again.

The lineup for Heatstroke ’22 gathers in some of the best rock talent from across the Kootenays.

Leather Apron Revival have spent the past few years honing their classic-rock / roots-rock chops, culminating in the release of their debut album Light and Shadow, which showcases the powerful baritone voice and thoughtful storylines of guitarist Lennan Delaney, propelled with punch and panache by bassist Grady Pasiechnyk and drummer Jeff Rees.

And from Fernie we have the one and only Chungus (pictured above), who recently wowed the masses at Creston’s Battle of the Bands and is raring to shake the dust off the rafters and rattle the pub’s windows.

Last but not least, kicking off the night will be an eye-popping set from Nelson’s Garuda, who combine Steven Pierson’s (pictured above) electric-amplified Indian sitar (!) with Ferdy Belland’s hybrid bass fury and Jason Deatherage’s spastic-jackhammer drum attack.

All in all, with Heatstroke ’22 falling rightly so on what will be the hottest day of the summer so far, this exciting event will prove to the world that Cranbrook is a vital and vibrant centre for live music – especially music that (aye-aye-oh!) shakes your foundations!

The Heatstroke ’22 Festival ignites Friday, July 29 (doors 8 p.m.) at the Cranbrook Hotel Pub (719 Baker Street), featuring scorching performances by D.O.A., Leather Apron Revival, Chungus, and Garuda. Tickets $25 advance at Huckleberry Books (Downtown Cranbrook), $30 at the door. Bring earplugs. We’re serious.

Lead image: DOA as they are today: drummer Paddy Duddy, guitarist-vocalist Joe Keithley, bassist Mike Hodsall. Photos submitted


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