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Posted: January 17, 2021

Injured snowmobiler rescued from Lumberton area

On Jan. 16 at 11:15 a.m. Cranbrook Search and Rescue (SAR) was tasked to rescue an injured snowmobiler in the Lumberton area.

“Due to the terrain expected one of the teams avalanche techs flew in with two other members with Bighorn Helicopters. The Avi Tech deemed the area safe and the helicopter was able to land less then 100 metres away from the injured person. The rescue techs packed the patient quickly; additional snowmobilers assisted in moving the injured person to the helicopter,” SAR reported on social media.

The injured person was then flown to the Bighorn Helicopters hanger and handed over to BC Emergency Health Services.

“We would like to thank the snowmobilers from a separate group that were able to assist in moving the injured person to the helicopter. It was greatly appreciated!” SAR noted.

Lead image: Pictured are six SAR members who took part in an Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 course. Members are required to have at minimum AST1 for winter responses. We can quickly go from nice flat ground to mountain terrain. Due to being such a critical safety course it is important that we do this training, even in the times of a pandemic. Very strict protocols are in place for these types of training. Regular weekly face to face training is still suspended. Cranbrook SAR photo


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