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Posted: May 1, 2017

Laurie Middle School presenting Into the Woods

Theatre lovers and families who love the fairytale classics can rejoice as Laure Middle School’s Drama department will be presenting ‘Into the Woods Jr.’ at Key City Theatre on May 11 and 12.

Into the Woods Jr. tells the stories of classic fairytales with some added twists and turns, originally written by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine. The story follows the Baker and his Wife, who upon learning that they have been cursed by the Witch, embark on a journey to find the objects (a cow as white as milk, hair as yellow as corn, a cape as red as blood, a slipper as pure as gold) needed to break the curse and fulfill their dream of having a child.

Along the way, they encounter an ambivalent Cinderella, fleeing the ball (in her slippers as pure as gold), Little Red Riding Hood, on her way to Granny’s, Rapunzel, high in her tower (with her hair as yellow as corn), and Jack, on his way to sell his cow (his cow as white as milk). Come and join the fun as these well-loved fairytale characters weave in and out of trouble to ultimately get their wish and live happily ever after!

Beth Turcon has been working with Laurie Drama Students since February to produce this classic tale. For many of the actors/students involved it is their first foray into live theatre.

“The students have been working very hard to produce this play,” Turcon said. “Their dedication to rehearsals, learning their lines, and general enthusiasm has been incredible.”

The play involves over 40 student actors and volunteers behind the stage. This production includes students from all grades of Laurie Middle School and will be sure to please audiences of all ages.

The community is invited to experience this production at the Key City Theatre on May 11 and 12. Two nights only and tickets are available by visiting or by phone at 250-426-7006.

The Drama Department at LMS hopes for a sell out for both shows and encourages the community to come out and support our up-and-coming actors and actresses as we continue to grow our home grown talent for live theatre.


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