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Posted: April 24, 2020

Let’s grow more food

Free seeds from Cranbrook Food Action Committee

Cranbrook Food Action Committee (CFAC) has always strived to increase food security in our community.

The pandemic continues to show us how important local food security is, and how our food system can be impacted by many different factors. One step we can take to increase food security is to grow more vegetable gardens here in Cranbrook.

CFAC’s newest program will get people doing just that. The program will help individuals in growing their own food and food for our community.  On a first come first serve basis, CFAC will be providing free seeds to anyone that wants to include vegetables in their garden this summer.

“Let’s grow food for ourselves and for our community,” said CFAC member Sophie Larsen.

The global pandemic has highlighted the fragility of our food system. We will continue to see how COVID-19 affects international food supply chains, agricultural workforces of seasonal workers and transportation systems.  All of this has led to many more people making and baking their own food, and CFAC wants to extend this into growing and preserving food as well.

CFAC has purchased a variety of seeds that will be mailed out to community members along with links for online growing resources.

The CFAC Facebook page will connect new growers with experienced gardeners to share tips and tricks. An assortment of seeds is available for both those with lots of space and experience, to newbies who may have a few pots on a patio. The project will be giving away all types of seeds from potatoes and greens to corn, radishes and squash.  Growers will also be asked to “grow a row” for our community.

Partnering in this project is the Cranbrook Food Recovery Coalition.  The Coalition gets good food to those that need it and works with the Cranbrook Food Bank, The Salvation Army, the school district and many other community organizations who support our neighbours in need.

Cranbrook Food Recovery will be collecting surplus produce grown and redistributing it to those affected the most by the pandemic.

We can’t think of a better way to spend some social distancing hours than in the garden. To join this project and sign up for free seeds, please see the above link to the Cranbrook Food Action Committee’s Facebook page or visit its website.

Cranbrook Food Action Committee

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