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Posted: November 10, 2021

Local businesses recognized for inclusive employment efforts

For the third year, REALM, in conjunction with Rotary at Work, Community Living British Columbia (CLBC), Kootenay Employment Services and East Kootenay News Online (e-KNOW) hosted the Inclusive Community Employment (ICE) awards.

The ICE awards are a celebration of the businesses in the East Kootenay that are a part of the world of inclusive employment; it is also a basis for education for the community of the long lasting impact that it can have in a positive way on many individuals, their families and the community at large.

The ICE Awards have five categories that embody the various degrees in which we believe that the categories represent the impacts and roles in the community each business has taken, this is not to say that some, if not all do not represent more than their nominated categories.

The five categories are: Community Mentor; Accessibility; Innovative Career Builder; Authentic Leader; and Emboldened Visionary.

This year’s award recipients:

Accessibility: The Lawn Doctor (pictured below);

Community Mentor: The Paw Shop (pictured above);

Innovative Career Builders: Bro’s Cove (pictured below);

Authentic Leader: Columbia Theatre Cranbrook (missing);

Emboldened Visionary: McDonalds (missing).

These winners along with all the nominees are ‘Breaking the ICE’ through removing barriers and continuing to fight for equality in the community.

We would also like to acknowledge that through the challenging situation we are all currently presented with, that each and every one of the nominated employers have not wavered in their constant belief in what it means to be an Inclusive Community Employer, making all of us in the community ultimate winners.

The ICE awards are aimed at recognizing inclusive employers who have opened their visions, have been drivers in the field of inclusion, and have been determined to make a difference in their communities and the East Kootenay.

We want to thank all the community members who took the time to vote for the companies they felt embodies what the ICE awards are all about. Even though each category has a voted winner, we cannot express how much the communities have been positively impacted by the businesses nominated.

Last year’s voted on winners in each category:

Community Mentor: The Paw Shop. Accessibility: The Farm Kitchen. Innovative Career Builder: Bro’s Cove. Authentic Leader: Max’s Place. Emboldened Visionary: Kootenay Roasting Company (KRC).

Lead image: Community Mentor: The Paw Shop. Louise Walter (REALM), Stephanie McGregor (The Paw Shop), Carrie Schafer e-KNOW, Felicia McKenzie. e-KNOW photo

Innovative Career Builders winner Bro’s Cove, Louise Walter (REALM), Brandon Dafoe, Shaun Currie, Doris Kessler, Lory Joly (Work BC). Carrie Schafer/e-KNOW photo
The Lawn Doctor: Ian Lowther, Louise Walter (REALM), Lennan Delaney (Community Living British Columbia – CLBC). Carrie Schafer/e-KNOW photo


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