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Posted: November 30, 2019

Local releases second children’s book

Cranbrook resident, Ariadne Appletree (AKA Riki Unrau), is proud to announce the release of her second children’s book, Bethany Blair and the Bugs in her Hair.

Appletree’s first book, The Tiny Things that Timothy Saw, was released this past April to incredible support from the community. Something that has inspired her to continue pursuing her dream of writing and illustrating meaningful and endearing children’s books.

Her new book is about a kind girl who makes friends with the little bugs who enjoy hanging out in her curly locks. Her classmates are not so enthused about the bugs and Bethany becomes an outcast. But, despite the cold treatment from her classmates, she remains kind to each one of them when they find themselves in trouble and need help. Through persistent kindness and a determination to stay true to herself, Bethany shows those around her that a heart lead by kindness is absolute key!

Bethany Blair and the Bugs in her Hair will only be available on Amazon for now but you can purchase a copy of Appletree’s first book at the upcoming Christmas Block Party at Western Financial Place this weekend.

Both books can be purchased from Amazon in paperback, e-book and audio book formats.

For more information please visit www.soulbirdstudio.ca

Lead image: Cranbrook author Ariadne Appletree (Riki Unrau), with her second children’s book, Bethany Blair and the Bugs in her Hair and first book The Tiny Things That Timothy Saw. Photo submitted


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