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Posted: December 4, 2021

Making Cranbrook a more environmental-leading city

Letter to the Editor

I have a great concern for various environmental issues, including most importantly global warming; and also our actions leading to the endangerment/extinction of many organisms, including plants, insects, birds and aquatic life.

I try to do many things to reduce my impact, e.g. i collect my household compostable materials and carry these in a pail to a local compost site in a community garden. I live in an apartment. this requires an effort on my part, but I believe in doing this.

Since moving to Cranbrook, I have noticed the many sunny days.

I have two suggestions for city council to make Cranbrook a  more forward-thinking environmentally-concerned place to live in.

1) investing more in solar energy panels for the production of electricity, and to heat buildings.

2) establishing compost collection sites at or near apartment buildings.

Residents of these buildings could then put their compostable material into these sites, rather than throwing them in the garbage that then needs to be collected.

The compostables would then go to some central place to be composted. Doing this would greatly reduce our garbage production, and result in a savings of money to the city, for hauling away materials that are compostable and then useful as soil amendments.

A. Calman,


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