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Posted: June 29, 2019

Mayor not responsible for council ignoring the facts

Letter to the Editor

The following should be read and noted by all taxpayers in Cranbrook.

At the June 24 City of Cranbrook council meeting all councillors voted in favour of paying all costs associated with moving the BMX track with the exception of $10,000 which would be paid by KEYSA.  This could cost the tax payers $80,000.  They already have passed a motion to move a lamp post and utility box for another $10,000.

Mayor Lee Pratt strongly opposed this motion as he stated that the agreement with KEYSA stated that the city was only responsible for land cost and other costs associated with actual building costs and operating costs would be responsibility of KEYSA.  Council’s argument against this was that delaying the BMX track relocation could kill the KEYSA project as the Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) grant could be lost.

Mayor Pratt went over all facts pertaining to project but was totally ignored.

The following points he brought forward:

He has a letter from CEO of CBT that grant would only expire if project was cancelled.  KEYSA did not have to meet any time line.

KEYSA has had over a year to submit a detailed building cost proposal and operating budget. To date it has not been received.  Why are we spending taxpayer’s money when we don’t know if project is viable?

Success of a dome has not been totally successful.  Calgary has two failures, the first one cost $1 million

to repair and the second collapse of the dome was not repairable.  Thunder Bay had a dome which collapsed and was not repairable.

Building cost overruns have also taken place. Kelowna estimated building costs for dome originally $1 million.  Costs have now changed to $4.1 million.  Red Deer is trying to have dome built with an estimated cost of $4.5 million but is on hold as county planners will not support.

It should be noted that Mayor Pratt should not be responsible for a council that totally ignores the facts given to them.  These councillors were voted to represent the taxpayers of Cranbrook, not one self-serving group whose project could cost taxpayers a major tax increase.

Why should KEYSA be favoured over existing tenants in Balment Park, namely the curling club, BMX track and special events such as Sam Steele Days (pictured above), July 1 celebrations and other special events?

Mario Scodellaro,


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