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Posted: May 30, 2016

Meet Mason: A Community Hero

A desire to help animals spurred Mason to raise $32 for the Cranbrook and District Community Foundation during his birthday party for the Be A Community Hero campaign.

Be a Community Hero encourages kids of all ages who are hosting a party or celebration to choose a cause close to their heart and ask their guests to bring a small donation instead of a present. When making the donation to the organization of choice, the child will have his or her photo taken and be featured on as the week’s community hero. The child will also take home a certificate and, better yet, the awesome, warm fuzzy feeling one gets from choosing to give rather than receive.

MasonName: Mason

Birthday: May 17

Age: 5 years old

Amount donated: $32.

Favourite Activity: Dirtbiking

Who is your hero and why? My daddy because he is really good at dirtbiking.

Organization Receiving Donation: Cranbrook and District Community Foundation (Hough Ingalls Fund for Animal Welfare)

Why did you choose to be a hero today? I want to help animals. I like turtles and frogs and snakes because they are fun to play with and they scare mom. I can keep them in a container for one hour before I have to put them back, and I want them to be safe so I can catch them again.

To Be A Community Hero and get featured on, complete this form and bring it with you when you make your donation!

For info on where/when to drop off the donation and form, contact Jody or Riley at the Cranbrook and District Community Foundation at 250-426-1119.

For more information e-mail [email protected]


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