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Posted: October 22, 2017

Mike Peabody wins by-election seat

Cranbrook businessperson Mike Peabody will be joining City of Cranbrook council following a convincing by-election victory yesterday.

The preliminary vote count released by the city has Peabody with 1,010, votes, with Christy Wheeldon 555, Jon McWhirter 380, Mike Barr 115, Anna Hudson 77, William McKerrow 70, Gavin Thomas 68 and Lynn McIntosh 25.

A final tally will be released Monday.

Kootenay East MLA Tom Shypitka

The council seat Peabody will be filling was vacated when Tom Shypitka won the Kootenay East seat in the May provincial election.

“Congratulations to Mike Peabody on being elected as Cranbrook city councillor. I’m quite sure you will fit in nicely. You may have to knock the dust off from my old seat first before you sit down. I would also like to congratulate all the other candidates for putting their names forward. You should all be proud in having such a strong interest in making Cranbrook a better place. I hope all of those that did not get the desired result consider the municipal election next year,” Shypitka stated on Facebook this morning (Oct. 22).

“I can attest that Cranbrook has a great city council… and I am not being biased. I have seen a lot of other municipalities in other parts of the province that really do not get along. Our mantra in Cranbrook was that we can battle it out in chambers but once a decision is made then we go have a beverage and move forward together. I hope this way of doing business continues and I’m quite certain it will,” he added.


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