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Posted: January 28, 2019

Mount Baker 50th reunion gives back to community

Last June, Sam Steele Days in fact, a very large contingent of Mount Baker Secondary School (MBSS) Alumni from all over the world got together for the weekend and celebrated 50 years since walking the halls of the high school.

Part of the fun that weekend was a very successful auction. Every item was donated by the alumni and purchased by the alumni.

When the dust settled, and all the bills were paid, there was money left over. The outcome was donations to five local organizations in need.

The following groups very gratefully received over $1,300 each:

  • The Friends of Children help families with children in extraordinary medical need.
  • Hospice offers support services to individuals and their families who are dealing with death and dying.
  • The Dental program at the Salvation Army is staffed by volunteer local dentists and assistants who see to basic dental needs of people who cannot afford to pay.
  • The school lunches program provides lunches every school day to over 100 children and youth in Cranbrook: it is run by the Salvation Army and lunches are delivered daily by volunteers.
  • Wednesday Morning Breakfasts are served by volunteers at the United Church and their only outside funding for the year is from this donation.


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