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Posted: June 21, 2015

Naively locked into the dinosaur way

Cobbhed ColKootenay Crust

By Ian Cobb

Are we willingly being led to the slaughter?

Has our hyper-consumer insanity distracted us so thoroughly that we simply just don’t give a shit when our federal and provincial government stick handle legislation into law that strips our democratic freedoms bare and readies us all for a savage rear ending by ‘the man?’

Political gamesmanship and mass scale population manipulation through the control of media has reached dizzying heights.

And it is from those heights that our society shall fall.

For example, Bill C-51 is a terrifying piece of ‘take away their rights’ nonsense hinged on the ‘threat’ of an enemy that is outpaced in its annual death count by at least 15 Canadian wildlife species. I’d say more people are killed each year by extremely useless drivers or by lazy store clerks who fail to mop up all the spilled Slurpees or by desensitized political sellouts who knee jerk out legislations designed by political party backers, than by terrorists.

Provincially, Bill 11 is starting to make Premier Christy Clark and her cabinet seem Stephen Harper-medium light. Their shocking retention of power following the last political election, not won by the Liberals but lost by the NDP, for some bizarre reason has them on the same course as former Liberal leash tugger Gordon Campell’s government and Prime Minister Harper’s government – straight into the heart of majority government arrogance.

Victoria continues to download services on municipalities at a rate that cuts deep into their ability to achieve or maintain sustainability. It is forcing social services onto municipalities because its compassion has been eaten by the same weasels that supply them with the bucks to create really terrible attack ads, that make them seem like petulant whack-jobs who still believe Jesus didn’t walk on water; he was standing on the back of a Ceratopsia.

More and more Ottawa and Victoria (and other Canadian provincial capitols) seize power from the hands of the people all the while making those same people pay for less with more.

As a nation we are now firmly at the mercy of our senior levels of government, which are at the mercy of the select few hyper-wealthy leash distributors, and despite the fact we all know THAT, we sit back and LET it happen.

There was a time, not that long ago, when snide, arrogant dipshit politicians got run out on rails – literally.

But the designers of the system, all completely focused on maintaining the four-year-long smoke show blowing up society’s collective distracted arse so they can get re-elected and qualify for juicy pensions (wages for being minions for the party machine as opposed to servants of their people), have built the walls just high enough to keep the unwashed masses at bay.

Headline: Parliament declares all Canadians to be future material for compost factories. Public reaction: Who got cut from Canada’s Cutest Cat Videos? Nooo, not Fluffy!

Headline: Provincial government declares war on public sentiment. Reaction: Did you see how older men are getting ripped?

In the corners and shadows, usually muzzled with the tag ‘nut bar’ or ‘conspiracy theorist’ or ‘civic terrorist’ or ‘sore loser’ or other equally weak dismissive palaver, are people calling “bull-sausages” on what is happening.

But that great vacancy in our spoiled rotten society – those who do not show up to vote because they ‘don’t care for politics’ or ‘suffer from grand stupidity’ or ‘have eaten too many lead painted toys’ or ‘got turned off of politics due to all the talking and stuff’ or simply wish to be ground into homo sapien chuck, as long as they can afford to buy more toys – can’t hear the warnings.

I guess it is human nature that despite the obvious warnings, we still build societies adjacent to active volcanoes or on major fault lines or in flood plains or tsunami zones.

Those who run the political machine are well versed in human psychology and they’re confident that the unwashed masses are too ignorant of history to worry about how things always seem to repeat.

Every empire that has ever fallen transformed from enlightened and inspired realms into chaotic morasses of mistrust and corruption. Power always corrupts, after all.

So what can be done? Don’t ask me. Most of my suggestions would allow Bill C-51 to snap to life and I’d end up in a medical marijuana bunker/gulag outside Churchill.

But I do have a vision.

Senior levels of government should be stopped in their tracks, closed down and reinvented.

All senior bureaucrats should be fired and given a sound boot in the ass on their way out the door. They can re-apply later when hiring rounds occur. If they weren’t sleazy rats or weasel-butt sniffers, they will likely be re-hired.

All political parties should be outlawed; ridings are to be represented; not corporations or a political machine with one aim; self-preservation.

Leadership is selected from within the collection of elected folks from the province or nation. Politics would still be there and sides would form; but focus would be returned and public engagement would improve substantially.

Politicians found to be corrupt shall be slapped in stocks and pelted with rotten tomatoes until said vegetable/fruit supplies dry up.

Matters of senior government concern will be returned to said senior levels of government so municipalities can maybe catch up on the infrastructure matters they’re all falling behind on because of downloading.

And if they say we can’t afford X, Y or Z – we strip their salaries down to sustainable levels and cut all the meetings and stays in luxury hotels on the public dime to fund them.

ColeadAnd if that doesn’t work, we join the Americans in declaring war on common sense and knowledge and kiss our bums goodbye.

It’s your decision as an individual. Do you find it acceptable to be treated like a blind fool by your government? If you’re good with that, sadly, that makes you the majority. But you won’t be reading this anyway.

That isn’t for me; hence the rant. I see this fragile deck of cards wobbling in the breezes flowing from the increased heat of the abattoirs processing the naïve chuck ground up by society’s apathy and devotion to consumerism.

Our times are changing faster than we are and rather than run to avoid to approaching cataclysm, we’re staring at electronic devices, seeking titillation and braying like cattle being willingly led to a systematic slaughter

We will wake up only when a long, dark shadow crosses our paths. That dark shadow will come from that which we are currently ignoring in our consuming blindness.

All you need to do to help stem this tide is to stop and think and act. Remove that nose ring and roam freely once again.

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