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Posted: December 16, 2020

Outdoor rinks officially opening in Cranbrook Dec. 21

Outdoor skating rinks at both Pop Price and Baker Park, along with Idlewild Lake in Cranbrook, are scheduled to officially open next week if the weather cooperates.

With warmer weather in the forecast, the ice conditions may not be favourable until later next week, when daytime temperatures are anticipated to stay below freezing.

It is vital that the public continue to strictly follow the current COVID-19 protocols in place when using these outdoor spaces. Signage reminding the public of these important protocols will be going up in these locations over the next day or two.

“We understand there is a great desire in the community to be able to get out and enjoy the outdoor rinks. With that being said, we really hope the community will do their best to ensure that when using the rinks, we keep in mind COVID protocols and ensure that users are doing their best to maintain social distancing,” said Stacy Paulsen, Acting Director of Recreation and Culture. “If you arrive at the outdoor rink and its busy, do the right thing and wait your turn or come back when it’s less busy. We don’t want to get into a situation where we are forced to close the rinks due to complaints of overcrowding or a lack of social distancing.”

The public is responsible for deciding on whether they choose to participate or to use these spaces. Remember that no matter which activity, you should abide by these general guidelines:

  • no spitting on or off the ice;
  • stay home and away from others if you are sick;
  • following physical distancing by keeping at least 2m apart from others;
  • practicing good hygiene by washing hands before and after visiting amenities;
  • be self-sufficient and carry your own hand sanitizer/wipes;
  • keeping your circle small. Keep your group limited to members of your household;
  • no congregating in groups and no large group activities;
  • wait your turn at a safe distance and give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the rinks.

For current information on the status of our various facilities during COVID-19, please visit our website www.cranbrook.ca/restart.

You can also continue to find the latest news and information around the COVID-19 response both locally and regionally HERE. You can also find important links to additional information from both provincial and federal health agencies and governments.

Lead image: A youngster finds her feet skating on the rink at Baker Park. e-KNOW file photos

City of Cranbrook

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