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Posted: August 6, 2019

Performing August 10 – Summer Sounds

The Summer Sounds / Dancing in the Park programs are coordinated and run by the Fisher Peak Performing Artists Society volunteers. These community events held at Rotary Park every Saturday of July & August, feature live regional performing artists and the occasional touring artist. There’s no admission and everyone is welcome!

August 10 featured performers

6 p.m. Deep Cedar

Often mistaken for the wildlife, J Lee Appleby finds solace wandering, whispering and sharing his passion for folk music. Deeply encouraged by the sounds of old and new, Deep Cedar has toured relentlessly with adventure in mind. Sincere, honest, soulful and calming (sometimes sleepy) commonly describe J Lee Appleby’s lonesome original music as Deep Cedar along with his new spins on old classics. Since the debut EP ‘LOONS’ in 2016, Deep Cedar has been chronicling his journeys, using new experiences to shape the music shared with audiences in Canada nationwide, Australia, UK; in venues as private as ceremonies to vibrant festival stages and as low as a floating barge to the tops of mountain peaks. Most recently a runner up in the 2018 East Kootenay Music Search, a definite win for Folk.

Watch online Video ‘HARD DAYS’

7 p.m. ZUMBA by Josée Bergeron

Dance your heart out with the very enthusiastic and licensed instructor, Josée Bergeron from Key City Zumba. You don’t have to know how to dance. She will lead you in Zumba Gold, the low-impact, low-intensity Zumba experience and make it feel like a party

8 p.m. Ethan Askey & MOJO

MOJO (pictured above) is a deceptively young band out of Calgary, Alberta, where the rock n roll mountains meet the blues prairies. The MOJO groove drives a dance party with the hip shaking way they play all sorts of timeless music, from Howlin’ Wolf to The Animals, from Bowie to the Black Keys, mixed with originals and driven by an award-winning blues harp player’s locomotive breath. Front man, Ethan Askey, is a “horn” player and singer from Cranbrook currently based in Calgary, Alberta, who is frequently spotted in East Kootenay forests, rivers, and community gatherings. Originally trained in Cranbrook’s school system as a trumpeter, over decades and from Chicago to the Mackenzie River delta, he has honed his craft as sideman and session player of the “Mississippi saxophone,” otherwise known as the blues harp.

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